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    About Us

    Angkatan Jati Diri’s (JADI) core strength lies in its FinTech and process enablement practices allowing JADI to be one step ahead.

    We establish easy and secure repayments on customer finance lending and repayments. This is achieved through our unique salary deduction systems through our strategic partnership with ANGKASA – empowering your company to excel and modernize your business faster!

    JADI’s partners are well-known financial institutes and government agencies which allow JADI to deliver the experience that your company needs in order to prosper and grow.

    Our salary deduction system with ANGKASA’s partnership allows partners to access repayments in a secure, fast and cost-efficient manner while maximizing business operations.

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    Why JADI

    JADI has years of FinTech experience and have perfected the processes surrounding the loan lending and repayment ecosystem.

    If you are looking at establishing a partner to help with application pre-screening with accuracy and speed, who could provide process customisation flexibility with secured recollection, then let’s talk!

    Behind success, there’s JADI.

    legal loan


    Permitted by the Malaysian legal framework to provide financial services

    Recollection loan

    Seamless Recollection

    Fast, Accurate, Automatic

    Syariah Compliance loan

    Syariah Compliance

    Fully shariah compliant and require the Akad – recorded or acknowledged understanding of Terms and Conditions.

    Industry Experience Loan

    Industry Experience

    Proven Secured Platform
    Customer Onboarding Experience
    Trained Skilled Staff

    technology enabled loan

    Technology Enabled

    High Tech Automation
    Process Efficiency

    customer-well loan

    Customer Well-Being

    No System Abuse
    Loan amount compliant up to 60% deductions



    Leverage on JADI’s FinTech experience to consolidate your fragmented, non-integrated products to a more focused and wholesome customer services delivery…

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    Partnership Opportunities

    JADI provides partnership opportunities to financial institutions who provide financial lending to government staff and GLCs…

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    Salary Deduction Capabilities

    JADI provides salary deduction capabilities. With this, repayments are secured upfront…

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    Guiding Principles

    JADI shapes its decisions based on the following guiding principles

    Valuable Partnerships

    JADI targets on value creation and collaborative efforts as these are the driving force to any successful partnership.

    Efficiency and Speed

    At JADI, efficiency is the anchor to all processes and decisions in ensuring optimal execution speed.

    Impactful Solutions & Action

    JADI aims in providing solutions that are impactful for our partners and deliver!

    People and Environment

    JADI is close to the social, environmental and economic impacts associated with its current and future operations. Give back to the community.